$11.82 For The Pair

I go back and forth between existing in real life and living vicariously through video games. I have a wishlist of games to purchase once they go on sale. I checked it today and Mass Effect 2 and Call of Juarez Gunslinger are both discounted. $11.82 for the pair. I’ve played all of the Mass Effect trilogy (the only ones that matter). The 2nd one is phenomenal. I’ve never played any of the Call of Juarez games.

I’ll be fucked if I don’t feel like I’m really living an alternate life when I’m playing these RPGs though. Escapism is my forte. It always has been. It’s not that I’m discontent with my everyday reality – I mean, I have my moments like everyone else for sure. But overall, I’m living an alright life. I think the only thing I’m really lacking is any genuine interpersonal interactions with others. The RPGs itch that particular scratch.

When I was younger, I would make up all of these random scenarios in my head with people and act out what I would say and how I would say it to them. Sometimes I wonder if what I thought at the time was me being creative and using my imagination was actually me lying pathologically. We can address the specific moments at a later time and you can let me know.

No breakfast for me today. I did prepare some oatmeal, 1 over-medium egg, 1 piece of bacon, 1 piece of toast, and 1 concha for [redacted]. For myself, however, I’m still working on my first cup of coffee. Today it’s a single-origin from Guatemala. I snacked on a “Sandia Pulparindo”. I also just popped open a can of Modelo. I have no interest in only drinking during “drinking hours”. I work from home. I game from home. I write from home. I exist from home. There is no “proper” time to drink. Just when I am thirsty.

There’s 2 minutes and 23 seconds left on the Call of Juarez Gunslinger download.

I am meant to be at the ranch in four hours.

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