Sliver of Life

Wake up via Alarm #1. Go back to sleep. Wake up via Alarm #2. Cat nap. Wake up via Alarm #3. Get out of bed. Check group chats/texts/email previews. Grind coffee beans. Brew coffee. Grab a Monster from the fridge. Turn on computer. Choose and play a Spotify playlist. Reply to group chats/texts/emails. Make breakfast for [redacted]. Check Discord. Watch Twitch. Make cup of coffee – black with honey. Do dishes from [redacted’s] breakfast. Usually half left so will finish. Sign into work. Spend next few hours sifting through emails, making calls, writing, giving updates to team. Feel inadequate. Contemplate other job opportunities. Feel even more inadequate. Take break to make [redacted] lunch. Leave dishes for later. Do not finish any leftovers. Sign off of work. Change. Drive 20 minutes to ranch. Spend next few hours mucking stalls, cleaning and refilling water troughs, feeding, hanging out with the animals. Drink copious amounts of water. Have a ice pop or two. Leave. Grab some sort of fast food on the way home. Eat. Have a few beers. Check Discord. Watch Twitch. Game. Read. Think of writing. Wonder if I should start streaming or not. Chitchat via WhatsApp. Indulge in nightcap involving a small cocktail of varying substances. Lay in bed. Imagine a plethora of plans. Think about past/present/future women. Eventually nod off. Rinse and repeat.

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