I Need Unsalted Butter

I helped a woman last night. I was riding on by and she was crouched down, talking to herself. It wasn’t until I got closer that I realized she was talking to a mound of dirt. She didn’t have any food left and had no clue how to hunt, let alone skin an animal. So I shot rabbit for her and she skinned it well enough and that should hold her over for a little while. A couple of wolves attacked us on the way back to her cabin. I shot and killed them, too. I hauled one up and left it on her porch but I don’t know what she’s gonna do with it. I’ll check in on her later.

Made a cup of bulletproof coffee. Only have salted butter – I need unsalted butter. Maybe went slightly too heavy with the coconut oil. It was mostly solid, but liquid on top. I didn’t account for the fact that the liquid would go further than the solid, taste wise. Still good though. I had a Mountain Dew for breakfast. Today is just a bit off I guess.

Been feeling uncertain about work lately. Still on part-time hours, which I am grateful for but also it just doesn’t feel stable enough. I haven’t done much job browsing lately but I’m wondering if I should start. My part-time-hours-because-of-the-pandemic unemployment keeps getting denied. I know we’re all in the shit together but still.

Looking for new places to live. I adopted four burros and while they are okay where they currently are – there just isn’t enough space for the long term. I told myself from the beginning that I would only adopt if I had land to offer them to roam around. But I didn’t want these last four to be separated, so I adopted them to keep them together. It’s working out just fine for now. We’re getting used to one another. But it needs to be temporary, them staying where they’re staying now. I’ll write more about them later. They’re actually quite amazing creatures and have legitimately given my life purpose.

Currently listening to a Clint Mansell playlist. I love his work – he is by far my favorite contemporary composer – but this is just not doing it for me today. I need to work right now so I’ll put on this Dungeons & Dragons: Metal Edition playlist. Let’s slay some fucking pseudo-dragons and ignore the fact that I am internally going back & forth between absolute optimism and pathological pessimism.

I’m not sure what to make for dinner tonight. I’ve got plenty of ramen but they are all super spicy ones.

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