Between the Both of Us – We’d Do Alright

I ate bad sushi yesterday. It was leftover so I really should have known better. Two shrimp and one salmon. I felt ill for about 30 minutes and it passed but still. I need to be smarter about what the fuck I eat. Sometimes I just eat to eat, y’know? A few bites of random shit here and there rather than an actual meal. Anyway. I went to the grocery shop to pick up some kimchi or sauerkraut since I’ve been eating like a goddamned idiot. I love me some fermented goodness. But here’s the thing: I found the shelf that had the kimchi and sauerkraut and I compared the details on their respective labels, held them in my hands…and just put them back. Not sure why. I did get some fruit and arugula though. Fuji apples, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, red plums. And one kombucha. I’m going to attempt to make my own kombucha. Will update when that’s up and brewing.

Before going to the grocery shop, I drove to a farming/ranching specific store yesterday. Took surface streets and the city next door to mine is perfect for my move. Tons of open space. House options with established stables and fencing. I don’t know why I didn’t consider it an option from the beginning. And the views are just…*chef’s kiss*.

I took a ride last night and as I was lost in the high mountain views, I heard someone call out to me. When I looked, I just saw pine trees and a few large boulders. I finally pinpointed where the voice was coming from — behind one of the large boulders. An older man was sitting with his back against it. Was in a bit of a jiffy because his horse had gotten spooked and ran off. Usually that’s not a big deal but this guy was an amputee and the horse took his wooden leg with it. So I went and looked for the horse. Found him by the stream, having a drink. An absolute beaut of a creature. Solid. Strong. Majestic, even. I calmed him down and led him back to the old man. He had some words for the horse but it was a feigned anger. I could tell. Had it been real, I would’ve done something about it. The old man couldn’t pay me and I said that was alright; he had paid enough with his time served in the war. He invited me to his cabin in the future to do some fishing. I’m a pretty poor fisherman and he said he’s pretty great, so between the both of us – we’d do alright. I’m going to visit him tonight and see what we can catch.

I did not make spicy ramen last night. I made one chili cheese dog.

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