Should Have Known

We’re standing on a corner in Philadelphia, en route to Pat’s. She’s brainstorming a poem and I’m jotting down the words that stick out to me on the palm of my hand. Words stumbling and tumbling out, one after the other, until she’s stuck on a verse. We cross the street and she tells me … Continue reading Should Have Known

Sliver of Life

Wake up via Alarm #1. Go back to sleep. Wake up via Alarm #2. Cat nap. Wake up via Alarm #3. Get out of bed. Check group chats/texts/email previews. Grind coffee beans. Brew coffee. Grab a Monster from the fridge. Turn on computer. Choose and play a Spotify playlist. Reply to group chats/texts/emails. Make breakfast … Continue reading Sliver of Life

A Horse With New Name

I made it to the ranch yesterday. I admittedly don’t get much exercise otherwise. Ranch work is a thing that agrees with me. Mucking stalls. Scrubbing troughs. Replacing water. Feeding. Grooming. Doing all of this in the desert heat makes up for my years of inactivity. I’ve only been at it for about two months … Continue reading A Horse With New Name

$11.82 For The Pair

I go back and forth between existing in real life and living vicariously through video games. I have a wishlist of games to purchase once they go on sale. I checked it today and Mass Effect 2 and Call of Juarez Gunslinger are both discounted. $11.82 for the pair. I’ve played all of the Mass … Continue reading $11.82 For The Pair

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